Emulsifying Wax


Anionic / Ionic Emulsifying Wax
Non-Ionic Emulsifying Wax  
Fatty Alcohol Wax
Cetosteryl Alcohol Wax  



Emulsifying Wax is a type of cosmetic emulsifying ingredient used primarily in the manufacturing of creams, lotions, and other beauty products that have both water and oil phase. This type of wax helps in mixing or emulsifying the water phase and oil phase together to form an ointment. The emulsification occurs when two substances — in this case, oil and water — are successfully bound together; creating a sort of glue that combines the ingredients of a product. At the molecular level, Emulsifying Wax attracts both water and oil at the same time and keeps them together. Emulsions, made with this wax are more stable to weak acids such as Boric, Carbolic & Salicylic. Emulsifying Wax thickens the liquid and marries the oil - and water-based elements of the creation. It is white in colour, solid, and possesses a light alcohol scent.



  • 1 Emulsifying Wax is widely used in the Pharmaceutical / Cosmetic industry as a part of creams and lotion formulations.
  • 2Ionic / Anionic Emulsifying Wax are most suitable for water in oil type of emulsion, whereas the Non-Ionic Grade is most suitable for oil in water type of emulsion.


25 kg Cartons / Bags.

Pharmacopoeial Compliance

  • Indian Pharmacopoeia [IP]
  • British Pharmacopoeia [BP]
  • United States Pharmacopoeia [USP]
  • European Pharmacopoeia [Ph. Eur.]

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