ENGINE OILS: These Oils are blended from Highly Refined High Viscosity Base Stock containing Detergent, Dispersant, Antiwear, Antioxidant and Antifoam agents. Meet various levels of service API requirements, they also meet BIS – 13636 - 1993 specifications. Recommended for use in Petrol and Diesel Engines.

HYDRAULIC OIL: These Oils are blended from High Viscosity Index Base Stocks containing Antirust, Antiwear, Antioxidant & Antifoam additives. Recommended for use in Hydraulic System of Industrial and Automotive Equipment. Meets BIS – 10522 - 1983 and BIS – 11656 - 1986 and BIS – 3098 – 1988 specifications.

MACHINE TOOL WAY OILS: These Oils contain Antirust, Tackiness, Mild EP additives and have minimum stick-slip and chatter and provide improved Surface Finish to the job. Recommended for Slide Way Lubrication of Planers, Grinders, Shapers, Jig Borers etc.

INDUSTRIAL GEAR OILS: These Oils have Good Oxidation & Thermal Stability, Demulsibility Characteristics and contain Sulphur & Phosphorus Compound and provide protection against Rust & Corrosion. Recommended for all Heavy Duty Enclosed Gear Drives with circulation on Splash Lubrication System operating under Heavy or Shock Load Condition, Plain Antifriction Bearing subjected to Shock or Heavy load up to 80° C. Meets BIS – 8406 - 1985 specifications.

SOLUBLE CUTTING OILS: This Oil forms Milky Emulsion with Water and contains Rust Inhibitor to impart Antirust, Anticorrosion Properties and Biocide to prevent Bacterial / Fungus growth in emulsion. Oil has excellent Cooling and Lubricating properties, which gives excellent Surface Finish and minimizes tool wear. Recommended for variety of cutting operation on Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals. Normally 5% Emulsion is used. Meets BIS – 1115 – 1986 specifications.

ALUMINUM ROLLING OIL: This is Low Viscosity Straight Minerals Oil especially developed for Cold Rolling Operation, has inherent oiliness property to reduce friction. It is non-staining, Non-Corrosive Oil. Recommended for Alluminium Rolling Industries.

QUENCHING OILS: These Oils are blended from High Viscosity Index Base Stocks having Good Oxidation and Thermal Stability, Good Fluidity and Low Volatility. Some of these Oils are blended with special Additives or selected Polar Compound to meet specific requirements. These Oils are used for Quenching Operations on vide variety of Steel Parts such as Nuts, Bolts, Ball Bearing, Speed Tools etc. Meet BIS – 2664 - 1980 specification for Quenching Oil.

RUST PREVENTIVES: Rust and Corrosion are factors of major economic importance, costing industry and consumers abnormal expenses. These unwanted expenditure can be reduced / eliminated by use of Petroleum based Rust and Corrosion Preventives. These Oils have been specially formulated for various applications. They are Non-Staining, Compatible with Lubricating Oil, can be easily applied by brush / spray / swab, can be easily removed by solvent and are economical.

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Our sister concern, M/s. Jaybharat Lubricants (I) Pvt. Ltd. is also the authorized distributor of Industrial Lubricants for the public sector, PSU OIL giant, M/s. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, since past 3 decades & can offer whole range of Lubricating Oils, Bitumen Compounds & Greases

CHASSIS GREASE: This is Calcium based Grease & resists water washout. Recommended for certain Open and Semi Enclosed Gears as well as Chain Drives of Farm Equipments and for General Chassis Lubrication including Suspension and Steering system.

WHEEL BEARING GREASE: This is Sodium base Grease. Recommended for Wheel Bearings and various other Automotive Grease application. This grease maintains its structural stability over long service and gives excellent performance even when subjected to extremely heavy shear. Recommended for heavy moving parts as in Ginning Factories, Oil Mills, Rice/ Dal Mills, Sugar Industries etc Meets BIS – 10647 - 1983 specifications.

MULTI PURPOSE GREASE: These are multipurpose Lithium base Greases, MP-2 & MP-3 having High Drop Point and Good Thermal and Structural Stability. It has high degree of resistance to oxidation and provides protection against rusting and corrosion. Recommended for all Automotive & Industrial Grease application, as an all purpose solution. Meets BIS – 12203 - 1987 specifications.

HIGH TEMPERATURE GREASE: These are specialty Non-Soap synthetic Greases for High Temperature Application and under severe Load Conditions. Recommended for Lubrication of Bearings at High Temperature up to 250° C.
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