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Synonyms - Soft Paraffin / Petrolatum

Petroleum Jelly (also known as Petrolatum or White / Yellow Soft Paraffin) is an ointment-like homogenous, highly refined semi solid with a delicate balance between liquid and solid hydrocarbons for skin-care application and topical formulations.


We are manufacturing this product since 1964 in a dedicated facility. With years of experience and a varied clientele, we have an expertise in this field.

Typical Characteristics

  • Snow white to Yellow, translucent, odourless, when rubbed on skin and tasteless
  • Preserves the integrity of the active ingredient used to get the desired result
  • Soluble in Chloroform and Solvent Ether, but is insoluble in Alcohol and Water
  • Smooth long-fibred structure is absorbed well by the body tissues ensuring that the active ingredient is effectively delivered


  • - White / Yellow Petroleum Jelly find varied applications as an excipient in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations; some of which are:
    • Ointments
    • Pain balms
    • Cosmetic creams
    • Salves
    • Pain rums
    • Foot care creams
    • Hair food formulations
    • Eye applicaps
  • - This product is used as an active ingredient in gauze dressings and skin protective formulations.
  • - Petroleum Jelly is used as a general-purpose lubricant in the food industry.
  • Other applications include use in
    • Dental adhesive formulations
    • Hand cleansers
    • Sunscreens


  • Bright homogenous unctuous mass with excellent fibre and structural strength
  • Stable to light & oxidation
  • This product is made free from elemental impurities by multiple levels of purification and refining
  • Tailor made for skin-care and hair-care formulations
  • Maintains good structure during processing and congeals to form a smooth surface while packaging which adds to aesthetic value
  • Moisture loss resistance, high structural strength with oil retention property even at elevated temperatures
  • Product melting range, cone penetration and Viscosity can be adjusted to meet customer requirements.

Pharmacopoeial compliance available

  • Indian Pharmacopoeia [IP]
  • British Pharmacopoeia [BP]
  • United States Pharmacopoeia [USP]
  • European Pharmacopoeia [Ph. Eur.]
  • Japanese Pharmacopoeia [JP]

Other Compliances

  • 21 CFR 172.880
  • ICH Q3C (R4) for residual solvents
  • USP <467> for residual solvents
  • TSE/BSE free
  • Halal & Kosher


Open-mouth MS drums (metal barrels)

170 kg, 175 kg, 190 kg, 195 kg, 200 kg

Open-mouth HMHDPE drums (plastic barrels)

170 kg, 175 kg, 190 kg, 195 kg, 200 kg

Tanker loads

15000 kg, 20000 kg


  • Neutral packing available
  • Petroleum Jelly is filled in double liner food-grade polythene bags. This is to avoid contact between the material and the MS material of the barrels.
  • Petroleum Jelly is also available without polythene bags in MS barrels or epoxy / lacquer lined / GI MS barrels.
  • The choice of packaging for Petroleum Jelly will depend on the facility to unload the material.

Essential information

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Please do contact us for Petroleum Jelly with tailor made specification.