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INTRODUCTION: Petroleum Jelly is a mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons, petroleum in nature & derived after selective treatment & blending of refined waxes & highly refined hydro- refined base oils. The Whiter grades are super white, highly refined translucent, odourless, when cold & rubbed on skin & tasteless. The Yellow grades are pale yellow to dark yellow in colour, slightly fluorescent in daylight when melted, practically insoluble in water & alcohol & have its characteristic petroleum odour. These are unctuous to touch & retain their character, while exhibiting very good lubricity properties & chemical resistance.

APPLICATION:  Regular Grade Snow White Petroleum Jelly finds varied applications in ointments, pain balms, capsules, cosmetic creams & lotions, as a vehicle (Ointment Base) in ointments & skin creams in pharmaceutical & cosmetic industry. Technical grade Jellies find applications in Printing Inks manufacturing, Defence Applications in fire arms lubrications, as a softener/ extender in Rubber/ Plastic Industry, Lubrication of Battery Terminals, Rust Preventives, Furniture Polishes & Coatings, Carbon Paper & Stationery Products & as a general purpose lubricant in Industry. 

1. Solubility : Complies
2. Acidity & Alkalinity : Complies
3. Sulphated Ash  : Less than 0.1% ( Passes )
4. Consistency @25 °C  : 100 to 300
5. Melting Point : 38 to 56 °C
6. Drop Point/ Congealing Point : 44 – 60 °C
7. Foreign Organic Matter : Complies
8. Reactions : Complies
9. Specific Gravity @ 60 °C    : 0.81 – 0.84
10 Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 °C,cst : 4.0 – 7.0
11. Flash Point (COC)  :  Min 150 °C

Testing carried, as per relevant ASTM/ IP standards
PACKING : 170 Kgs M.S. open mouth Barrels
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