About us

Our values

The five pillars on which our organization, as espoused by our management and founders stands are:

1. Commitment to customers
We pride ourselves in being a customer-oriented organization, committed to exceeding the expectations and aspirations of our esteemed customers. We always strive to achieve "CUSTOMER DELIGHT" by offering perfect solutions to their needs and rendering efficient services and quality products always.

2. Pledge to quality
Quality is synonymous with "UNICORN" and we, as an organization, always strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency in all our finished products, at all cost, without compromising on the raw materials, manufacturing processes or packaging elements whatsoever.

3. Ethical and fair business dealings
Considering our industry mix, wherein malpractices are rampant, we always adhere to ethical practices and carry out all commercial transactions in a very transparent, professional manner.

4. Integrity and adherence to government laws
Each and every employee of the company operates with the highest standards of Integrity, Loyalty and Sincerity, in accordance with the state regulations.

5. Safety, health and environment consciousness
The company continuously implements and reviews systems, plant and operation efficiencies, designed for maximizing employee safety, health and well-being, while maintaining responsibility towards the environment by minimizing pollutant and effluent discharge levels.