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Heavy Paraffin Oil

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Paraffinum Liquidum

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Mineral Oils are colourless, odourless mixtures of saturated liquid hydrocarbons obtained from the distillation of petroleum. Our Mineral Oils are Paraffinic in nature and we offer a wide range for viscosities for varied applications.

  • Our Unimin range of cosmetic / pharmaceutical grade Mineral Oils are highly refined, and tailor made for skincare and hair-care formulations.
  • These products are treated for harmful polycyclic aromatic impurities and they pass the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon test along with other purity norms in the Pharmacopoeia and comply with all the Regulatory requirements as per the European commission and USFDA.
  • They do not support pathogenic bacterial growth and due to this property, they become ideal blending bases for Pharmaceutical / cosmetic applications.
  • Having excellent lubricating property, it can be used as a general-purpose lubricant.
  • Characterized by a high viscosity index, our White Mineral Oils keep stable viscosity at extreme temperatures.


We provide different levels of viscosity which permit a wide range of use in:

  • 1Baby / bath oils
  • 2Cold creams & moisturising creams
  • 3Lotions
  • 4Suntans / sunscreens
  • 5Antibiotics
  • 6Eye make-up
  • 7Gelatin capsules
  • 8Protective coatings for fruits and vegetables
  • 9Soaps and detergents
  • 10Anti-static coning oils
  • 11Knitting oils
  • 12Textile auxiliaries
  • 13Dyes and Dye intermediates
  • 14Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)
  • 15Leather chemicals and fat liquors
  • 16Specialty chemicals
  • 17Perfumery chemicals
  • 18Coatings and polished
  • 19Ink chemicals
  • 20Softener during plastic processing


  • Medical instruments
  • Filling / packaging machines in the food industry
  • Compressor cylinder in the beverage industry

Characteristics of White Mineral Oils

  • Bright, clear, colourless, tasteless, non-fluorescent liquid
  • Stable to light and oxidation.
  • Soluble in Chloroform, Solvent Ether and Volatiles oils.
  • Insoluble in water and alcohol
  • Miscible with most fixed oils and hydrocarbons.
  • Very low aromatic, sulphur and nitrogen content and free from oxygen and halogen derivatives thus having a low impurity profile
  • High thermal and chemical stability
  • Low volatility
  • Low aromatic and sulphur content
  • Good demulsibility and antifoaming characteristics
  • Excellent aesthetics
Closed-mouth MS drums (metal barrels) 170 kg, 175 kg, 190 kg, 195 kg, 200 kg
Closed mouth HMHDPE drums (plastic barrels) 170 kg, 175 kg, 190 kg, 195 kg, 200 kg
Flexibag 20000 kg
IBC 825 kg, 830 kg
Closed-mouth MS drums (metal barrels) 210 lit., 235 lit.
Closed mouth HMHDPE drums (plastic barrels) 210 lit., 235 lit.
Tanker loads 15000 kg, 20000 kg
HS code 2710.19.90
INCI name Parffinum liquidum
CAS number 8042-47-5
Physical state Liquid
EC number 232-455-8
REACH Registration No. 01-2119487078-27-XXXX

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